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Colorado Legal Defense Group Overview

Colorado Legal Defense Group is a criminal defense firm located in Denver, Colorado that serves clients throughout the state, including Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, and Boulder. The firm defends clients against all types of criminal charges, including DUI / DWAI and driving crimes, assault and domestic violence cases, drug crimes, juvenile crimes, theft, robbery, burglary and more.

The lawyers have decades of combined criminal defense experience and vast knowledge of local courts. They also work with private criminal defense investigators and experts in developing a thorough case analysis.

Colorado Legal Defense Group is devoted to fighting for clients’ rights with skilled advocacy and customized defense strategies designed to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Colorado Legal Defense Group Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Accessory to Crime; Animal Fighting; Bad Checks; Bail; Bench Warrants; Bigamy; Bribery; Chop Shop Ownership or Operation; Concealment of Unpurchased Goods; Conspiracy; Criminal Attempt; Criminal Extortion; Criminal Invasion of Privacy; Criminal Mischief; Criminal Solicitation; Criminal Tampering; Criminal Threats; Criminal Usury; Cruelty to Animals; Cyberstalking; Deceptive Sales and Business Practices; Disorderly Conduct; Elder Abuse; Embezzlement; Eluding a Police Officer; Enticement of a Child; Extradition; Entrapment Defense; Excessive Force by Police; Blackmail; Extortionate Extension of Credit; Failure to Pay Child Support; Failure to Register as a Sex Offender; False Affidavit; False Imprisonment; False Reporting of a Crime; Fireworks Possession; Forgery; Gang Crimes; GHB Laws; Government-Related Crimes; Gambling; Harassment; Health Care Fraud; Human Smuggling; Human Trafficking; Identity Theft; Incest; Insurance Fraud; Indecent Exposure; Kidnapping; Felonies; Misdemeanors; Manslaughter; Money Laundering; Misuse of Official Information; Mortgage Fraud; Obstruction of Justice; Motion to Recuse a Judge; Obscenity; Official Misconduct; Open Carry Violations; Pandering; Perjury; Pimping; Post-Conviction Relief; Public Indecency; Prescription Fraud; Record Sealing; Public Indecency; RICO; Sex Trafficking; Theft of Trade Secrets; Resisting Arrest; Retaliation Against a Witness; Stalking; Trespass; Violent Crimes; Violation of Custody/Parental Responsibility Order; Wiretapping and Eavesdropping; Witness Tampering; Menacing; Assault; Reckless Endangerment; Violation of Protective Order; Restraining Order; Unemployment Fraud; Vandalism; Welfare Fraud; Spousal Abuse; Child Abuse; Vehicular Homicide; License Revocation Proceedings; Drug Trafficking; Prostitution; Child Molesation; Sexual Assault; Theft; Robbery; Burglary; Shoplifting; Auto Theft; Larceny; Breaking & Entering; Appelate Practice; Animal Cruelty; Arrest Warrants; Arson; Weapons Charges; Check Fraud; Child Pornography; Citizen’s Arrest; Credit Card Fraud; Rape; DUI Accidents; Boating Accidents; Class Action Lawsuits; Construction Accidents; Dog Bites; Drowning Accidents; Food Poisoning; Insurance Bad Faith; Rideshare Accidents.

Colorado Legal Defense Group Areas of Law Description

The best Colorado defense attorneys fighting for you
Our Colorado criminal defense attorneys handle all types of criminal cases — from Colorado DUI / DWAI and Colorado domestic violence cases, to drug crimes and juvenile crimes.

Communities our criminal attorneys serve include Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, Lakewood, Thornton, Arvada, Westminster, Centennial and Boulder.

Years of experience
Decades of criminal defense experience have taught us how cops and district attorneys put together cases. While some Colorado criminal defense lawyers take a wait-and-see approach, we know there’s no time to waste. The best criminal defense lawyers know that often the most critical window is right after an arrest.

After all—the police and prosecutor aren’t waiting to build a case against you. Why give them a head start? Cases aren’t just won in the courtroom. Knowing who to talk to and who has the discretion to negotiate are often just as important as making the best impression on the jury—although we know how to do that, too.


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