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Law Offices of James P. Cronn Overview

The Law Offices of James P. Cronn is a Santa Ana-based law firm experienced in the areas of family law, military law, and criminal defense. We assist families and individuals across southern California in matters such as divorce, domestic violence, property division, and defense against criminal charges ranging from speeding to sexual assault to home invasion.

Our firm also specializes in military law, assisting service members across the state in matters such as divorce, child support, and division of assets. We have a thorough knowledge of the unique laws and requirements surrounding such circumstances for members of the military, and are uniquely suited to providing guidance in these areas.

Whether it’s your family’s well-being or your own personal future that’s on the line, we understand that you want an attorney who understands the depth of your concerns and everything that’s at stake. At the Law Offices of James P. Cronn, we offer more than just 15 years of experience in family law and criminal defense. We are committed to providing you the highest level of trust and compassion, striving to pursue justice on behalf of yourself and your loved ones.

Year this Office was Established: 1997

Languages: English

Law Offices of James P. Cronn Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Military Divorce; Spousal Support/Alimony; Property Division; Guardianship; Victims of Domestic Violence; Contested Divorce; Parental Rights; Division of Military Pensions; Military Move Away Orders; Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA).

Law Offices of James P. Cronn Areas of Law Description

We provide legal representation in the following practice areas:

– Divorce

Our divorce attorney will provide aggressive representation in a divorce case addressing every issue including custody, support, and division of property. We understand that the divorce process can be very difficult. We will work to find solutions for you and your family that minimize the financial burden of a divorce.

– Family Law

Our family law practice includes divorce cases as well as child custody, support and visitation disputes, paternity cases, domestic violence, and addressing any modifications or enforcements of original orders. We take the time to understand your individual needs and your family to create lasting solutions for you and your family.

– Military Criminal Law

When you are facing criminal charges in a military court, we can protect your rights. Most of the charges above can be applied in military criminal court, he can defend military personnel there. Often a military criminal charge will end up having consequences in the civilian courts. As a former member of the Army National Guard Trial Defense Services, we have the experience to defend soldiers in the military courts to minimize the impact on their private life.

– Child Custody, Support, Visitation

Child custody, support, and visitation cases and proceedings can be some of the most contentious and emotionally difficult proceedings in family law. Whether you are facing a divorce, need a modification to an existing order, or are interested in a guardianship or conservatorship, we have the experience and legal strategy necessary to protect your rights.


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